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بیل اشتر
بیل اشتر

بیل اشتر

Senior Associate ? CA DRE: 01453167

With more than 35 years public service with fifteen years in Real Estate, Bill Stehr has matured to professional, responsive and friendly attention for clients? need for confidential and responsive service. Combining ethical professional skill with trusting relationships, Bill applies years of experience to build rapport and trust on all sides of Real Estate transactions for the best possible outcome. His approach is undergirded with focused loyalty to represent the best interests of his clients. Serving clients to buy, sell, lease, relocation and preferred small business needs, his approach excels in thorough market analysis and client-centered information, discussion and decision guidance from start to finish!

از بیش از صد معامله بسته از انواع مختلف ، مقطعی از مراجع در صورت درخواست ارائه می شود. در میان ارجاعات محترم ، بیل از اعتماد و اعتماد سایر مسکن های ارشد که به طور مرتب از او می خواهند در صورت عدم دسترسی معاملات خود را مدیریت کند ، سپاسگزار است.

As a member of the McMonigle Team and agent inc., Bill is delighted to be an active part of such a highly productive, technically forward thinking and truly pleasant group. The collegiality and talent of our entire group is freely offered for each member?s client.

برای بازدید شخصی و گفتگو در مورد علایق املاک و مستغلات خود با بیل تماس بگیرید.

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