When you?re moving, it seems like unpacking boxes is a chore that never ends. But there will come a day when every last box is empty. The question then becomes ? what do you do with all those empty boxes? Check out these great ideas for giving new life to all those old boxes that would otherwise end up in the trash.


If you weren?t already aware, CraigsList is one of the best places online to buy and sell just about everything, including moving boxes. When you?re finished with your boxes, post them on CraigsList for sale or for free. You?ll be surprised at how quickly they?ll get snatched up, and how grateful the recipient will be.


你知道吗 隔壁? It?s the latest social network that allows you to connect with all the people in your neighborhood. When you move in, set up an account for your new address. Once you?ve been verified, list your boxes for free. It?s a great way to get rid of those boxes and meet a new neighbor!


If your city has curbside recycling, check to make sure they accept cardboard boxes. Many times, you?ll be asked to break them down before the city will collect them. It?s a small price to pay to make sure they get recycled instead of ending up in a landfill. If your city doesn?t accept boxes, check to see if there is a recycling center nearby where you can drop them off.


More and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to reuse or recycle materials. Recycling cardboard is better than simply tossing it out, but it?s much better for the environment to reuse those boxes while they still have life in them. For that reason, BoxCycle 已创建。这是专门用于二手纸板箱的市场。该网站可帮助您与二手箱市场上的人们建立联系。您不仅可以将盒子拿出来,还可以边赚点钱。

在U-Haul Box Exchange上发布

甚至大型的移动公司也开始采取行动。 U-Haul运营一个留言板,名为 盒子交换 让客户购买,出售或赠送盒子和其他移动用品。在他们的留言板上张贴帖子,看看您所在的地区是否有感兴趣的人。


在您的纸板中使用纸板的方法有很多 花园。它非常适合在花圃,菜园或人行道上用作杂草屏障。在花园中使用前,请从包装箱中取出所有订书钉和包装胶带。纸板会随着时间的流逝而分解,并有助于滋养土壤。箱子也可以用作临时堆肥箱。当然,用废旧纸板箱可以造就许多好堡,给孩子带来很多乐趣。所需要的只是一点点想象力!

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