The Segerstrom Center for the Arts was formed in the late 1960s when a number of community leaders decided to create a world-class performing arts venue to hose local and regional artists as well as esteemed guest artists and companies from around the world. The vision of the founders didn?t become a reality until September 29, 1986, at which time the center opened with a concert in the Segerstrom Hall made possible by a five-acre land donation made by the Segerstrom Family in the mid-70s. In 1998, the Segerstrom family deeded another parcel of land to the center. Two years later, Henry Segerstrom gifted the center $40 million toward the center?s $200 million campaign. The funds went toward constructing a concert hall, an education center, a multi-use theater, a public restaurant and a community plaza.

2006年,雷妮(Renee)和亨利·塞格斯特罗姆(Henry Segerstrom)音乐厅以及毗邻的500个座位的萨穆利剧院(Samueli Theatre)开幕。五年后,该中心被命名为塞格斯特罗姆艺术中心,以纪念该家族做出的贡献。如今,该中心坐落在一个占地14英亩的多学科校园中,拥有两个主要的艺术组织。


The Segerstrom Center?s New Summer Dance Program will launch on June 26th, with classes held from June 26th through July 7th and again from July 24th through August 18th. Designed for students between the ages of 3 and 18, the classes will involve four separate dance programs designed for young dancers of all abilities and experience levels. This six-week Sergerstrom Center Summer Dance program is taught by a faculty of principal dancers from many of the leading companies in the nation ranging from Broadway to Hollywood. All students must enroll for a minimum of two weeks, though those two weeks do not have to be consecutive. Space is limited for some classes and is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. To learning more, visit the 塞格斯特罗姆艺术中心网站.