Do you feel like you?d get more use out of your porch if it were screened in? Screened in porches combine the best of indoor and outdoor rooms, and they can be affordable if you already have a porch. Here?s what to expect if you decide to take on the project this summer.


First, let?s look at the costs associated with enclosing your existing porch. The cost will be dependent on the size of your porch, the type of materials you choose, and whether or not you hire a contractor to complete the project. According to 改善网络 在200平方英尺的门廊中筛选材料的成本从$470到$680。如果您选择雇用专业人士,则相关的人工成本将使您的收入大约为$350。相比之下,如果您要从头开始构建新的屏蔽门廊,则成本平均约为每平方英尺$70。


决定在您的门廊中进行筛选时,下一个业务订单是检查 当地建筑法规。 You need to make sure you secure any permits that may be required. Although it may seem like screening in an existing porch isn?t a major job, it?s always better to err on the side of caution.


Once your permits have been secured, it?s time to build the frames. Install posts to each corner that are the height you want the porch to be, which is usually eight feet. If you have an existing roof, check for damages and make any needed repairs. If you don?t have a roof, construct a triangular frame and cover with roofing materials.

Rectangular frames are constructed with pressure-treated 2x4s. The width of the frame is the same as the width of your screens. Use an extra 2×4 to install horizontally for added stability. Screw each frame into the porch floor, making sure they are level. Continue until all frames have been attached. Leave an opening for a screen door that is either 32 or 36 inches wide. Then screw the insides of the frames to each other and the corner posts for added strength. Paint or stain the frames before installing the screens.

如果要将框架安装到混凝土门廊上,请附加一个 基础板 水泥。然后可以将框架连接到基础板上。




Finally, don?t forget the floor! If you really want to make your screened-in porch feel like an outdoor room, then add an outdoor carpet. They can add a pop of color and really tie the room together. You can also upgrade the floor by installing 甲板瓷砖。这些瓷砖拼合在一起,并具有多种样式以符合您的口味。用露台家具和盆栽植物装饰,整整整个夏天都准备好享受筛入的门廊!

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