If you?re looking for charm, then you?ll find it in abundance in San Juan Capistrano. Located in Orange County in Southern California, San Juan Capistrano is full of history, culture, art, music, eclectic shopping, and delicious eats.


圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺 (San Juan Capistrano) 最初是天主教传教团 (Mission San Juan Capistrano) 的所在地。它拥有大约 35,000 人口,围绕着历史悠久的 Capistrano Depot 开发。乘坐火车往返圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺很容易,感觉就像时光倒流。


Many of the homes in San Juan Capistrano are modeled after the Spanish style of the Mission, but there are still a wide variety of homes available in the city — including equestrian properties. The median home price in the city is approximately $782,500. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in San Juan Capistrano include:


圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺的现代历史始于 1776 年,当时圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺教会由方济各会传教士创立。这是加利福尼亚链中的第七个任务。 1821 年墨西哥独立开启了一个新时代,1833 年圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺传教区由于剥离传教区土地的世俗化法案而开始衰落。 1848 年,圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺成为新加利福尼亚州的一部分,是擅自占地者和强盗的热门地点。然而,一旦在加利福尼亚发现了黄金,该镇就成为一夜之间的舞台停靠点并导致快速增长。 1900 年后圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺稳定,1910 年使命得到恢复。 1970 年代的发展促使制定了一项新的总体规划,以保护开放空间和历史资源。今天,圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺是居民和游客的繁荣和热门目的地。


圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺最受欢迎的景点是 使命圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺.它现在是一个历史地标、小教堂、博物馆和花园,每周二至周日欢迎游客。该特派团以其悬崖燕子的年度回归而闻名,每年吸引超过 300,000 名游客。

要感觉自己像一个时间旅行者,一定要参观 洛斯里奥斯历史街区. It is the oldest neighborhood in California and lies directly across from the train station. The neighborhood is home to 40 residences, including three original adobe structures. There are many enchanting shops and restaurants in the neighborhood. It?s the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon stroll under the willow, eucalyptus, and palm trees.

有很多机会 体验文化 in San Juan Capistrano, too. Take the San Juan Capistrano Architectural Walking Tour to see more than 200 years of adobes, Spanish-era structures, and modern buildings. San Juan Summer Nights is a free monthly concert series happening from June through September. Or enjoy a live stage production at the Camino Real Playhouse. Another popular event is the Annual Swallow Day Parade and Mercado, which welcomes the annual return of the Mission?s swallows from their winter-over in Argentina. It includes three weeks of parades and celebrations!


圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺的学生由备受好评的卡皮斯特拉诺学区提供服务,该学区是橙县第二大学区。区内两所学校获批 利基A +级 — San Juan Hills High School and Capistrano High School. There are also several excellent private schools in the community including Capistrano Valley Christian Schools, Mission Basilica School, and Fairmont School.


History, culture, food, nature — there?s so much to discover and enjoy in this Orange County city! If you?re ready to explore this charming enclave, then 查看圣胡安卡皮斯特拉诺的可用物业 并安排您今天的私人表演!