在Casa Romantica文化中心和花园里上课

由克莱门特市宪章成立于2002年, Casa Romantica文化中心和花园 是一家非营利性组织,致力于为各个年龄段的人们提供文化计划,重点关注艺术,音乐,园艺和历史。 Casa Romantica坐落在奥勒·汉森(Ole Hanson)的历史古迹中,于1991年12月27日被列入橙县历史古迹国家名录。

Considered to be the epicenter of arts and culture in south Orange County, Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens offers more than 60 concerts, classes, workshops, lectures, recitals and events each year. Many of these programs have been critically acclaimed by the regional press, including its rendition of Shakespeare?s Hamlet and the unique Classical Music Festival and Academy.

Casa Romantica文化中心和花园在11月份提供许多课程和讲习班。其中一些如下:

? Casa Kids:Faye Creative Casa Kids类: An interactive and collaborative workshop for children led by artist Fay Wyles. Participants tour the Casa Romantica gardens as they observe shapes, colors and patterns in the nearly 100 succulent varieties featured in the gardens. These succulents then go on to serve as source material for the children?s mixed media painting compositions. Space is limited and all enrollments must be received 24 hours prior to the event, which takes place on November 4th from 10:00 am until 11:00 am.

? D. Yoder家庭周日: Learn about San Clemente?s first human inhabitants, the Acjachemen people, through a variety of activities. Planned activities include grinding grains with mortar and pesties for acorn porridge, weaving simple trible-inspired bracelets, touring Native American medicinal gardens and watching a video about the daily lives of the Acjachemen people. Appropriate for participants of all ages, these special workshops take place on the first Sunday of each month from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. The next event is scheduled for November 5th.

? 卡萨健康:假日肉质花圈研讨会: 在花园主任的带领下,该互动式研讨会将指导参与者使用卡萨花园中种植的多肉植物制作活花环。手工制作的花环可以轻松保养一整年。研讨会于11月8日和15日从7:00 pm到9:00 pm举行。每位参与者的费用为$35。

? 卡萨健康:秋季茶混合课程: 在练习冲泡技术和品尝定制茶混合物时,了解茶的好处。参与者创造并带回自己创作的两个秋季融合。该课程每位参与者$35,由Lavender Lounge Tea Company提供。上课时间为11月29日,从7:00 pm到9:00 pm。

除了提供各种工作坊,班级和文化活动外,Casa Romantica文化中心和花园还可保留为特殊活动,包括摄影和录像,婚礼,公司活动和私人活动。在《日落》杂志,《婚庆通讯》和《韦斯特韦斯》杂志中,它也被列为橙县的最佳目的地。