Celebrating the Holidays at Roger?s Gardens

Roger?s Gardens is a fantastic place to celebrate the holidays, particularly when it comes to Halloween and Christmas. In fact, Roger?s Gardens goes out of its way to ensure these holidays are particularly special for residents in and around Orange County. If you are looking for unique and fun ways to celebrate these holidays, here is a look at what Roger?s Gardens has to offer this year.


Halloween Boutique: Magic and Mayhem is already underway at Roger?s Garden and will continue until October 28th. Cloaked in mystery, the boutique features four curated stores to explore. These include:

? The Owl Post General Store: A full-service convenience store offering décor supplies.
? Weezer?s Joke Emporium: Offers jokes, tricks and candy designed with the prankster in mind.
? Wykham?s Wizarding Supplies: Features wands, spell books, crystal balls and more.
? Morgan & Murkes Apothecary: Offers everything you need for phrenology, palmistry and potions, including skeletons and skulls.

Children?s Halloween Festival and Costume Parade

To further celebrate Halloween, Roger?s Gardens will host a Children?s Halloween Festival and Costume Parade on October 30th from 4:00 until 5:00 pm. At this free annual festival, parents are invited to bring their children for some fun, interactive crafts and activities. The event will also feature a trick-or-treating costume parede throughout the Gardens for all to enjoy.


为了为感恩节做准备,您可能想参加10月18日下午6:00至下午7:00举办的秋季丝绸中心讲习班,安德鲁·加西亚(Andrew Garcia)参加了该研讨会。研讨会的$125费用包括分步说明以及为感恩节创建自己的核心物品所需的所有材料。

Joyeux Noel圣诞精品店Ĵ

如果您更喜欢圣诞节,可以在10月6日开始购物,享受这个冬季假期。 Joyeux Noel圣诞精品店将开放至12月23日。在这里,您可以庆祝欧洲圣诞节传统的多样性和丰富性,同时还可以通过现代影响和主题来增强它们。精选的礼物和装饰品展现了欧洲最古老的工艺,包括波兰制造的手工吹制和手工装饰的玻璃饰品,德国制造的胡桃夹子以及意大利和葡萄牙的时令餐具。

Roger?s Gardens is located at 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road in Corona del Mar.

To keep the holiday spirit rolling, Roger?s Gardens will also host A Christmas Carol Performance with Gerald Dickens on November 10th, 11th and 12th. The great-great grandson of literary master Charles Dickens, Gerald Dickens is an actor and producer hailing from Oxford, England. On these special nights, he will bring Dickens? popular tale A Christmas Carol to life with a one-man show. During the show, he adopts different voices, expressions and mannerisms to portray each of the characters in the story.

表演大约需要1小时20分钟,不建议10岁以下的儿童参加。每次表演后,狄更斯都可以签署特别选择的书籍和礼物。门票为$35,每场演出均在所有三个晚上的6:00 pm开始。从12日下午2:00开始,也将提供周日的日场。