卡莉·扎马尼(Carly Zamani)
卡莉·扎马尼(Carly Zamani)

卡莉·扎马尼(Carly Zamani)

CA DRE:02030224

For Carly Zamani, being an agent isn?t just about selling properties and negotiating  deals?it?s about changing lives. Having closed a vast array of transactions both large and small, from commercial leases to luxury properties, Carly provides expert advice, guidance, and consultation across a wide spectrum of real estate. As a licensed loan officer, Carly also offers unique financial insight, creating a seamless, professional, and well-researched experience for each of her clients.

With an extensive and successful background in hospitality and restaurant branding and development, Carly provides top-tier service, placing her client?s intentions and needs at the forefront of her actions. Raised as one of nine children, and now a wife and mother of two, Carly understands the profound and positive affect selling and purchasing a home can have on the future of a family. As an agent, Carly lives for the moment when her client closes a deal and secures their ideal home, investment, or real estate opportunity.

A leader at heart, Carly is driven to provide exemplary and beneficial results to each of her clients, and prides herself on an unsurpassed work ethic founded upon loyalty, integrity, and crystalline joy?they don?t call her ?Sparkle Plenty? for nothing.

Outside of the real estate and loan industries, Carly enjoys Formula 1 racing, hot yoga, and collecting high heels?she buys a new pair every time she closes a deal?needless to say, she?s always looking for more closet space.





拉古纳·尼格尔(Laguna Niguel)