agentinc Teams

agentinc teams encompass the support and teamwork mentality that are necessary to make every real estate transaction a success. With our selective hiring process, we ensure that every team member is up to par with becoming the top agent in their community and a sought-after leader in the real estate industry.

Property Cousins

Newport & Costa Mesa, HB

Buying & Selling | Home Branding Expert
A Creative & Unique Way Of Selling Homes

TD Real Estate

Newport Coast & Laguna Niguel

As co-founders of TD Real Estate at Agent Inc., Ron and Victor are dedicated to ensuring each transaction they oversee is carefully researched and skillfully negotiated.

Freida Nastar Group

Moulton Ranch

Freida Nastar Group, is an experienced, award-winning team whose full spectrum of real estate expertise allows them to consistently deliver first-class, results-driven service to all of their clients.

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