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A diverse, global city at the heart of Seattle's Eastside

Home to some of the world’s most innovative technology companies. Prior to 2008, downtown Bellevue underwent rapid change, with many high-rise projects under construction, and was relatively unaffected by the economic downturn. The downtown area is currently the second-largest city center in Washington state, with 1,300 businesses, 45,000 employees, and 10,200 residents. Based on per capita income, Bellevue is the sixth-wealthiest of 522 communities in the state of Washington.

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Bellevue, Washington

Neighborhood Spotlight: Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue, Washington, repeatedly ranks in many “best of” lists and it’s easy to see why. Often called a “city in a park” it boasts not only a bustling urban center with… Read more ⇢

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