Come avere un cortile adatto ai cani

If you have a dog, then you?ll no doubt be spending more time outside together in the coming months. One of the great reasons to own a home is to have a big backyard you can share with your pets. But what if your dog is a little destructive? Or worse, what if your dog likes to get into things that might not be safe? Here are our best tips for creating a backyard oasis that is friendly to your best friend.

Evita le piante tossiche

It goes without saying that you should avoid using plants in your yard that are poisonous to dogs, especially if your dog is curious. But it isn?t always easy to know which plants are safe and which you need to stay away from. Some of the most common plants you should avoid include:

  • Digitale
  • Mamme
  • Mughetto
  • Hosta
  • Iris
  • Ivy inglese
  • Gloria mattutina
  • Clematide
  • Begonia
  • Bosso

Check out this great�articolo per un elenco più esauriente di piante da evitare.

Crea aree di gioco

Nessuno vuole che il proprio cane calpesti le loro bellissime aiuole. Sebbene esistano diversi tipi di file deterrenti out there, the best way to keep dogs out of beds is to provide interesting play areas. Does your dog love to dig? Then install a sand box that lets him dig until his little heart is content. Consider adding a water feature that your dog can play in on hot, sunny days. Is your dog a runner? Then make sure there?s a path or a large area for burning off all that extra energy.

Usa materiali adatti ai cani

Let?s face it ? even with the best design your dog is still likely to wander into areas you?d rather they stay out of. You can help yourself out by choosing plants and materials that will stand up to a little bit of abuse. Ornamental grasses are both soft and forgiving and can take a bit of a beating without looking shabby. In play areas and on paths choose materials that are safe for your dog?s paws, like bark mulch or flagstone. Avoid using cocoa mulch, which has the same chemical that makes chocolate toxic to dogs.

Dai loro un posto all'ombra per riposare

Dogs can get sunburned just like people do. So it?s important to give them a shady spot where they can relax and get out of the sun. Dogs can also overheat easily, so it?s a must if you live in a hot climate. Give them some room under a shady tree, install a pretty arbor, or invest in a fun cuccia. E assicurati sempre che abbiano acqua fresca da bere ogni volta che sono fuori.

Tienili al sicuro

Infine, assicurati che il tuo cane non sia in grado di scappare dal tuo giardino. A volte, una recinzione da sola non sarà sufficiente, se il tuo cane è un saltatore o ama tunnel. Alcune idee innovative per tenere i cani all'interno del luogo a cui appartengono sono creare una barriera sotterranea con filo di ferro, allineare il terreno davanti alla recinzione con rocce di fiume difficili da scavare o utilizzare un materiale scivoloso per la recinzione come il compensato.

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