Don?t Believe These 4 Myths About Selling Your Home

When you?re selling your home, it seems like everyone today has advice for you. Whether you turn on the news, call a friend, or even take a stroll in your neighborhood, someone wants to offer their opinion about how to sell your home. Or maybe they?re sharing some gossip they heard about an acquaintance who sold their fixer-upper for tens of thousands of dollars over asking. It?s important to be able to separate truth from fiction when you?re selling. That?s why we?ve compiled these four myths about selling your home that you should not believe.

Myth — it?s OK to price your home sky-high

While it?s true that in some markets homes are selling for way above the listing price, that doesn?t mean you should price your home sky-high. In fact, pricing your home higher than comparable homes around you can seriously backfire and sabotage your sale. Instead, you need to dai un prezzo alla tua casa in a way that reflects its condition and current trends in your neighborhood. When you price your home unrealistically high, it can sit on the market for much longer than necessary. Buyers are also starting to push back on high-priced homes. While it?s still possible to get an incredible offer on your home, you?re more likely to get it when you price your home correctly from the start.

Myth — you can sell your home as-is

It?s common for home sellers to make repairs and upgrades to their homes before putting them on the market. But there?s a myth going around now that because of the market favoring sellers, that it?s not necessary to do anything to your home before you sell it. Buyers will be lining up to buy no matter what the condition of your home. In most cases, this just isn?t true. While buyers are eager to find a new home, most are looking for properties that are move-in ready. When you don?t make the effort to complete riparazioni semplici o aggiornamenti ragionevoli that can improve your home?s value, then you?re less likely to get an offer that you?ll be happy with.

Myth — marketing is unnecessary

Another popular myth making the rounds these days is that it?s not necessary for sellers to market their homes. The offers will come rolling in without any effort. This is certainly not true. While it does take effort to market a home, that effort pays off. Most buyers begin their ricerche domestiche online. If you don?t have an online presence, how will buyers who don?t live right in your neighborhood find you? And if your listing doesn?t include great fotografie and descriptions, you?ll also be limiting the number of potential buyers who want to tour your home in person.

Myth — the highest offer is the best offer

Molti venditori ricevono più offerte per le loro case in questo momento. Sebbene questa sia una posizione invidiabile, può anche essere stressante provare a farlo scegli l'offerta migliore. Don?t believe the myth that the highest offer is the best offer. You should also evaluate the terms of the deal to determine which offer best suits your particular situation. This could include flexibility with moving dates or all-cash offers. You should also evaluate the buyer?s finances to make sure they?re capable of making it through the closing process without a problem.

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