Create New Cleaning Habits in the New Year

The New Year is always a prime time to set goals for the months ahead. Oftentimes, this includes cleaning. Getting your home clean and ready for a brand-spanking-new year is one of the rituals many of us participate in during the month of January. But in order to meet your new cleaning goals, you may need to create new cleaning habits and ways of thinking. If you?re trying to have a cleaner home in 2022, then this is what you should do.

Know what your goals are

How do you know when your home is clean? Have you ever stopped to think about what tasks need to be done in order for a room to pass your inspection? It?s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about ?cleaning the kitchen? ? this can mean anything from simply wiping down the counters to doing a full assault on the grit and grime in every nook and cranny. Give yourself some relief by being more specific about your cleaning goals. For example, instead of saying you?re going to clean the kitchen, plan to wash the dishes, wipe down the counters, and sweep the floor. That is more manageable, and completing these tasks will give you a greater sense of accomplishment.

Don?t aim for perfection

Aiming for perfection can feel like constantly losing a battle. Let go of the idea that your home needs to be perfectly clean. Can it simply be clean enough? Setting reasonable expectations about what you can accomplish will be good for your mental health and will help you keep your home cleaner in the long run.

Change the way you think about cleaning

When you think about cleaning, does the word ?chore? come to mind? Thinking about cleaning as something we have to do can make it feel like an unpleasant task. It?s just something else in the endless list of things that must be done for life to move forward. But what if you started to think of cleaning as a form of care? It is a way to care for your home and the people who live in it. This slight change of thinking can make cleaning feel more rewarding instead of taxing.

Take it in smaller chunks

You don?t need to devote an entire weekend to cleaning your house from top to bottom. That?s an overwhelming task, and chances are, you won?t feel up to it anytime soon. Instead, take things in smaller chunks. Commit to tidying up a few key areas before you go to bed at night. They?ll stay cleaner in the long run, and you?ll feel better, too.

Be nice to yourself

Finally, treat yourself with the same respect and compassion that you would a friend. Life, especially over the last two years, has been exceptionally challenging. It?s easy to feel overwhelmed. You are not a moral failure if your home isn?t as clean as you would like it to be. Be nice to yourself ? you are no doubt doing the best you can.

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