Enjoying Newport Beach Cruises

If you are looking for some fun ways to get out on the water in Orange County, there are plenty of great opportunities available. Here is a look at a couple cruises you might want to consider.

Newport Landing Whale Watching

Offering Blue Whale Watching cruises until the end of October for the season, Newport Landing Whale Watching provides excellent opportunities to get on the water and see the Blue Whales. Every year, the Giant Blue Whale Migration brings hundreds of Blue Whales to the waters off Newport Beach throughout the spring and summer. In fact, last year brought more than 350 Blue Whales to the waters.

Reaching lengths of up to 90 feet, Blue Whales are the largest animals of all time. Taking Whale Watching Cruise provides opportunity to see more than just the Blue Whales, however, as the Finback whale ? the second largest whale in existence ? also regularly feeds in the same areas as the Blue Whales. Other wildlife frequently encountered on the cruise include Humpback Whales, Minke Whales and giant pods of dolphins, often numbering in the hundreds or even the thousands.

Tickets for the Whale Watching & Dolphin Cruise are $32 for those between the ages of 13 and 59. Children below the age of 13 and seniors above the age of 59 are $26 per ticket. Infants between the ages of zero and two cruise for free. Cruises are offered at multiple times throughout the day and depart from Newport Landing. Whale Watching Cruises are offered throughout the entire year, though the animals in the area at the time of the cruise is dependent upon the time of the year and their migratory patterns.

Hornblower Dinner Cruises

Hornblower offers a number of different cruises throughout the year, including dinner cruises on Friday and Saturday nights. Departing from Hornblower South, these cruises provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy champagne and an elegant dinner while stargazing on the outer deck.

The Dinner Cruise includes three hours on the yacht, a four-course dinner and a boarding glass of champagne or cider. Complimentary soda, coffee, tea and water is also included, while wine and cocktails are available for purchase. DJ entertainment for dancing is also provided, while each group enjoys a private table. The cost of the cruise, which boards at 7:00 pm and cruises from 7:30 to 10:30 pm, is $92.95 per person.

Hornblower also offers a number of other cruises throughout the year, including brunch cruises, sunset cocktail cruises, champagne brunch cruises, full moon cruises and birthday cruises. They also offer cruises for specific holidays, including Labor Day cruises, Thanksgiving cruises, New Year?s Eve cruises, December holiday cruises, Valentines Day cruises, Fourth of July Cruises, Easter Cruises, Mother?s Day Cruises and Father?s Day cruises. So, no matter the time of you, you will find a cruise to suit your need to get on the water with Hornblower.

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