جشنواره قایق های چوبی نیوپورت

هر ساله در کلوپ قایق بادبانی Balboa برگزار می شود جشنواره قایق های چوبی نیوپورت قایق های چوبی در هر اندازه را جشن می گیرد. این رویداد رایگان و برای عموم آزاد است و سالانه نزدیک به 4000 نفر را به خود جلب می کند.

لذت بردن از جشنواره قایق های چوبی Newport Beach

در جشنواره قایق های چوبی نیوپورت ساحل قایق های شناور ، لنج ها ، کایاک ها ، قایق های بادبانی و کشتی های بلند برگزار می شود. این رویداد علاوه بر اینکه دارای قایق های چوبی استثنایی در خشکی و آب است ، هنرهای دریایی ، غذاهای خوشمزه ، موسیقی زنده و فعالیت های ویژه ای را نیز برای شرکت کنندگان فراهم می کند تا از آنها لذت ببرند. یک سرویس حمل و نقل رایگان و تاکسی های آب همچنین دسترسی راحت به پارکینگ رایگان خارج از سایت را که برای این رویداد استفاده می شود ، فراهم می کند.

تاریخچه جشنواره قایق های چوبی نیوپورت

اولین جشنواره قایق های چوبی Newport Beach در 6 ژوئن 2014 برگزار شد. در این رویداد ، 47 قایق چشمگیر به نمایش گذاشته شد. تعدادی از جوایز به شرکت کنندگان اعطا می شود ، دسته بندی جوایز شامل:
? Best-in-class power: over 50 feet and under 50 feet
? Best-in-class sail: over 50 feet and under 50 feet
? Human-powered wooden vessels
The 2015 Newport Beach Wooden Boat Festival took place on June 6, 2016 in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Newport Beach Harbor Patrol. The yacht ?America,? which is named such in honor of the America?s Cup, was on display at the event.

The following year, the festival took place on June 4, 2016. One of the festival?s most notable entries was the Polynesian Concept, which was built in 1968 as a racing catamaran for actor Buddy Ebsen. Polycon, as the vessel is known by for short, was designed by Rudy Choy. Choy, who was a famous catamaran designer from Hawaii, was one of the best marine architects of his time. The actual vessel was constructed in Southern California and went on to compete in the 1969 Trans Pacific Yacht Race (Transpac) from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Polycon finished first ahead of Gun Smoke, which is another famous catamaran that was much larger at 60 feet and was skippered by actor James Arness.

رویداد 2017 در 10 ژوئن برگزار شد ، در حالی که رویداد آینده 2018 در 9 ژوئن برگزار خواهد شد.

لذت بردن از آخر هفته

While the Newport Beach Wooden Boat Festival is open to the public on the second Saturday of June each year, activities for participants take place throughout the weekend. In 2017, for example, the Friday before the public festival served as say for wooden boat owners to check-in and to receive their packets, their swag bags and boat placement information. A VIP Boat Owner?s Reception cruise was then held aboard the M/V Electra followed by a VIP & Sponsor Reception Cruise.

On Sunday, the day started with a Skipper?s Meeting and continental breakfast in the Balboa Yacht Club Clubhouse for skippers and owners only, followed by a ticketed champagne brunch aboard Curlew or Electra. A 90-minute Wooden Boat Parade then took place around Newport Harbor as all boats and exhibitors left the Balboa Yacht Club grounds. For those who are wishing to enter their boats into the festival, space is limited to just 50. Therefore, it is important to register early.

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