Roger?s Gardens Offers Free Workshops to Help You Grow Your Green Thumb

Orange County is home to many beautiful facilities and resources. Among these is Roger?s Gardens. In addition to simply being a beautiful place to tour and relax, Roger?s Gardens also offers a number of events and workshops ? many of which are free ? to help you become a better gardener. Here are some of the offerings coming in the next few weeks.

Designing with Succulents with Debra Lee Baldwin

Taking place on June 17th at 9:00 am, Designing with Succulents with Debra Lee Baldwin will show you how to combine easy-to-care-for succulents with beautiful containers. Baldwin, who has written numerous books about succulents and has earned the title ?Queen of the Succulents,? will share her ideas, tips and design secrets so you can take them back to your home and create a look that is right for you. A book signing will follow the free event, which ends at 10:00 am.

Ikebana Demonstration

A free Ikebana Demonstration will take place at Roger?s Gardens on June 18th from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. Practiced for hundreds of years, the traditional art form of Ikebana involves arranging flowers and other plant materials in beautiful art form. Multiple styles of Ikebana will be presented by The Laguna Area Study Group of Ohara School of Ikebana at this event.

How to Grow a Salsa Garden with Steve Goto

Taking place from 9:00 until 10:00 on June 24th, How to Grow a Salsa Garden with Steve Goto will be presented by Nursery Sales Manager and expert horticulturalist Steve Goto. At this event, you will learn more about the different types of edibles and herbs that you can plant in your own salsa garden. Steve will tantalize your taste buds as he shares some of his favorite selections of peppers and herbs. Learn how to plant and grow fresh vegetables for your ideal salsa.

Cooking with Chef Mead & Steve Goto: Salsas and Relishes

After learning how to grow your own salsa garden on June 24th, you can come back to Roger?s Gardens on June 25th to learn how to cook your own salsas and relishes. Chef Rich Mead, who is the owner and chef of Farmhouse at Roger?s Gardens, will work with expert horticulturalist Steve Goto to provide this fun seminar on salsas and relishes. Together, they will demonstrate how to grow the perfect blend of vegetables and herbs while also teaching participants how to make salsa and relish. The free event takes place from 10:00 until 11:00 am.

My Edible Garden with Steve Hampson

Taking place on July 1st, the free My Edible Garden with Steve Hampson features well-known horticulturalist Steve Hampson as he discusses everything edible. Topics discussed will include vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries and more with an emphasis placed on caring for tomatoes and other warm season vegetables and herbs for the summer. The workshop will also discuss summer pruning of deciduous trees and Steve leads a lively and interactive discussion about where, when and what to plant, feed, prune and harvest. The event takes place from 9:00 until 10:00 am.

Roger?s Gardens is located at 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road in کرونا دل مار. Check their سایت اینترنتی regularly to learn more about upcoming events and workshops.

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