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نغمه بابالمراد
نغمه بابالمراد

نغمه بابالمراد

Senior Associate ? CA DRE: 02027728

No matter what she sets out to do, Naghmeh Babalmorad always exceeds her goals. Driven by a personal motto of ?Never Give Up,? Naghmeh became the top hairstylist in Iran with a stylist license and diploma earned from Toni & Guy in London; she won six Champion Cups for her achievements as a race car driver from the Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of Iran; and is now among the top real estate agents with McMonigle Group in Corona del Mar.

نغمه ، اهل کالیفرنیای جنوبی و ساکن Laguna Niguel ، بیشترین توجه را به مشتریان خود ارائه می دهد و تجربه کاملی را برای خریداران و فروشندگان فراهم می کند. او با بهره گیری از دانش گسترده فروش و بازاریابی خود ، می تواند اطمینان حاصل کند که مشتریانش به آرزوهای نهایی خود در زمینه املاک و مستغلات دست پیدا می کنند.

Honored with several sales and marketing awards from London?s Toni & Guy, along with earning a bachelors degree in accounting, Naghmeh knows the value of excellent communication and marketing while never losing sight of the all-important numbers during each and every real estate transaction.

Naghmeh supports her community by helping feed the area?s homeless. In her spare time, she loves tennis, hot yoga, snowboarding, and, as a member of the USA Cycling Federation, she is often found bicycling along Orange County?s roads.

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