کایل لانگاکر
کایل لانگاکر

کایل لانگاکر

Senior Associate ? CA DRE: 01950852

By the time Kyle Longacre was old enough to swing a hammer, he was flipping houses?put simply, real estate is in his blood. Raised by a long and distinguished line of prominent realtors, brokers, and real estate investors, Kyle has accumulated a lifetime of knowledge and experience, allowing him to satisfy and realize any and all of his luxury client?s real estate needs and endeavors. 

کایل به شیوه ای کاملاً شخصی و جزئی به روابط املاک و مستغلات خود نزدیک می شود. تجربه قبلی و برنده جایزه وی در صنعت فناوری ، وی را بر آن دارد تا به طور مداوم یک قدم جلوتر از منحنی فناوری باشد و این امکان را برای وی فراهم می کند تا از ابزارهای نوآورانه برای دستیابی به نتایج مطلوب استفاده کند. کایل با دانش جمع آوری شده ، پیشرفت کرده است آ comprehensive traditional and non-traditional search system that is both duplicable and scalable, expanding opportunities for potential homeowners, sellers, and investors alike. By listening to his client?s needs, analyzing their personal and financial interests, and opening a direct line of communication, Kyle delivers critical guidance, data, and market research catered specifically to the desires of each of the unique individuals he represents. 

Possessing a hyper-local expertise of Orange County markets and neighborhoods, Kyle utilizes his preternatural understanding of where and when to buy and sell to ensure all who work with him benefit from an ?insider?s? advantage. His deep-rooted and well-established relationships with local brokers provide him with inventory access far beyond what the MLS, LoopNet, or any other real estate platform can provide, generating a continuous pipeline of hard-to-find opportunities to all of his clients.

کایل معتقد است که هر معامله املاک و مستغلات باید متمرکز بر آن باشد و منحصراً بر معاملات وی متمرکز باشد client?s goals. His dedication to service and trust creates a frictionless environment designed to deliver both an optimal real estate experience, as well as a maximum return. Real estate is an integral piece of Kyle?s life?he hopes he can share his talent, creativity, and expertise with you.

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