جانت اندرسون
جانت اندرسون

جانت اندرسون

CA DRE #: 01102875

از لحظه ای که با Janet Anderson ملاقات می کنید ، می فهمید که چرا او یک رهبر در املاک و مستغلات است. ژانت با ترکیب اشتیاق واقعی خود برای کار با مردم و توانایی ذاتی او در آوردن مشتری های خود به فضای ایده آل خود ، ترکیبی جذاب از صداقت و صداقت را در هر معاملات املاک و مستغلات خود ارائه می دهد.

Janet?s passion for real estate is deeply rooted. She comes from a longline of land developers and investors and has been around the real estate business for her entire life. Janet?s father, the late John P. Eliopulos, founded J.P. Eliopulos Enterprises, Inc., a premier real estate real estate development company in the Antelope Valley. He was the mastermind behind the successful development of thousands of homes and commercial properties there since 1957.  Her brother, Andrew J. Eliopulos, chief executive of J.P. Eliopulos Enterprises, and founder of his own land development company, is a successful home builder in his own right.  As pioneers in real estate land development, the Eliopulos name adorns a pavilion as the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, a theater at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center and the John P. Eliopulos Hellenic Center in Lancaster.

Inspired by her family?s passion for real estate, Janet began her own ascent in the industry soon after attaining her Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree in Communication from the University of Southern California.  As a real estate agent, Janet quickly became known throughout the luxury real estate marketplace for her ability to deliver results.  She successfully sold residential properties throughout the Antelope Valley and Central Valleys with J.P. Eliopulos Enterprises and later ventured into the elite Los Angeles County communities of Beverly Hills and Brentwood.  Driven to expand her abilities, Janet opened her own private real estate brokerage firm, Janet Eliopulos Anderson realty, which later became one of the largest in California.  Her outstanding capabilities have resulted in over 150 million in closed residential and commercial real estate transactions to date.

Janet?s extraordinary attention to detail and keen ability to anticipate clients? needs even before they are articulated, allow her to deliver the superior caliber of service her clients have come to expect.  A vibrant personality and impeccable reputation have earned Janet the admiration and respect of her colleagues and an incredible network of contacts within the real estate community.  She treats every transaction with the utmost level of priority and diligence, and implements her exceptional work ethic into everything she attempts and accomplishes.

?There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my vision come to life.  My focus is to continue bringing ideal spaces to my clients.  Serving them to the best of my ability is always my first priority.?

به عنوان بخشی از Agent Inc. Realty ، جانت به لطف انواع منابع و امکانات رفاهی که به دقت و با در نظر گرفتن معامله ایده آل املاک و مستغلات طراحی شده اند ، می تواند سطح بالاتری از خدمات را به مشتریان گرامی خود ارائه دهد. به عنوان یکی از بزرگترین شرکتهای املاک و مستغلات در کشور ، Agent Inc آماده است تا تقریباً در همه نیازهای املاک و مستغلات به مشتریان کمک کند.

در اوقات فراغت ، جانت عاشق گذراندن وقت با شوهرش ، دیو اندرسون ، داجر سابق لس آنجلس و قهرمان سری جهانی 1988 است. این دو دوست دارند که فعال بمانند و به عنوان پدر و مادر دختران دوقلوی 9 ساله ، دائماً در حال رفت و آمد هستند. آنها معتقدند که به جامعه خود باز می گردند و جانت و دیو بیشتر اوقات فراغت خود را به کارهای خیرخواهانه مختلف اختصاص می دهند.










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