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هانا مک مونیگل
هانا مک مونیگل

هانا مک مونیگل

Senior Associate ? CA DRE: 01958168

هانا در نیوزیلند متولد شد ، یک مشاور خدمات گرا با تجربه گسترده در خدمت مشتری های سطح بالا است.

Before her career in real estate, Hannah worked as an interior manager on large, privately owned, luxury super-yachts, serving some of the world?s most discerning clientele.

?My past experience taught me a lot about effective communication, organization and how to provide exceptional service,? she says. ?I believe these qualities, along with warmth and integrity, are vital for enduring success in real estate.?

هانا در ادامه ردپای مادرش که یک مشاور املاک و مستغلات بود ، آموزش خود را از سنین پایین آغاز کرد. او که یک مسافر با تجربه جهانی است ، از 24 کشور بازدید کرده و دوره های طولانی خود را در فرانسه ، ایتالیا ، آلمان ، اسپانیا و استرالیا گذرانده است.

Hannah?s unique background and vast travels have given her a true talent for connecting with a wide range of clients from different backgrounds. It also gave her a greater appreciation for her home of Orange County where she happily resides.

Hannah prides herself on achieving the best possible results for her clients whether they are buying or selling. A highly motivated agent, her clients’ needs are always her top priority and she is diligent in her efforts to ensure their transaction is smooth and their wishes are met.

A former student of Interior Design, she has a keen appreciation of inspired interiors and architecture. When she’s not working, Hannah likes to enjoy the great outdoors hiking and boating and spending quality time with her husband, John McMonigle.

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