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گری هسلگسر
گری هسلگسر

گری هسلگسر

Senior Associate ? CA DRE: 00929569

گری هسلگسر بیش از 27 سال است که یک کارگزار املاک و مستغلات مجاز است. از نظر گری ، این شغل شماره دو است. قبل از کار در املاک و مستغلات ، گری بیش از 23 سال در ارتش ایالات متحده بود و به عنوان افسر خدمت کرد و به عنوان سرهنگ دوم بازنشسته شد. وظایف وی شامل 6 سال به عنوان خلبان هلی کوپتر هم در ویتنام و هم در ایالات متحده بود. وی همچنین در حین کار در هلند یک افسر رابط در ناتو بود و 16 باشگاه افسر و افسر غیرمستقیم را در آلمان اداره می کرد. او همچنین 23 کسب و کار را در فورت گوردون ، جورجیا اداره کرد که شامل 2 زمین گلف است که هر ساله بلیط های مسابقات گلف مسترز ، یک سالن بولینگ ، 64 اصطبل اسب سواری ، یک مرکز مراقبت از کودکان و یک مکان تفریحی دریاچه را در میان دیگر مشاغل ارتش فراهم می کند.

Gary always knew his passion was in real estate and upon his retirement from the Army, he was named Rookie of the Year his first year in real estate. His honors include Top selling agent by a number of closed escrows, Top Team listing agent, Top Team selling agent, and Five Star Agent for numerous years. Gary has worked for several banks listing Bank Owned properties in the 1990s and selling more than 100 REO properties in 4 Southern California Counties. Gary represented a relocation account from a Nebraska Relocation Company as the exclusive real estate agent for Orange County. Gary has been an active investor in both residential and commercial real estate for more than 40 years and personally sold commercial real estate in California, Utah, Texas, Arkansas and Ohio. Gary is comfortable identifying current market value for any property, in any state in this country. Gary has owned his own real estate company in Newport Beach and identified The McMonigle Group Corp as the only company he recently considered joining. Gary has sold more than 600 properties to his credit representing both buyers, sellers, banks, and investors. Gary?s farthest listing was in Pebble Beach where he listed a home and obtained multiple offers within a week and closed that escrow on time. Gary has trained other agents to improve their production on both prospecting and closing the escrows. He has always made himself available for assisting other agents.

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