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درو آنجلو
درو آنجلو

درو آنجلو

Senior Associate ? CA DRE: 01935951

Drew brings to The McMonigle Team 15 years of Real Estate experience, with 10 of those years being groomed by an assistant project manager to an Executive Vice-President of a local land development firm. During that tenure, he managed projects in Orange County, San Diego, and New Mexico for the firm’s bi-coastal partners.

In 2008, Drew saw an opportunity, as his father and his faith always taught him, that within every difficult time and moment in life there exists an opportunity for growth and to be of service. Therefore, Drew decided in May of that year to write out a business plan about how to diversify and increase your earnings in down markets by way of foreclosure and trustee sale purchases. Drew went out and found private equity family funding and acquired nearly 40 million dollars of assets for various families in a down market and has proven successful in the “investing “and “divesting” of Real Estate.

درو تجربه املاک و مستغلات خود را به تیم آورده است ، اگرچه درسهایی را که در تمام چرخه های بازار آموخته است ، به مشتریان ما در سطح ملی و جهانی ایمان آورده است.

درو از حامیان افتخار First Step House در سن دیگو ، بنیاد اریک ریز ، جنگجویان زخمی ، YMCA و بنیاد True Sioux است.

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