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دبورا لیندن
دبورا لیندن

دبورا لیندن

Senior Associate ? CA DRE: 01768219

Deborah Linden is a Senior Associate with Agent Inc.  She began her real estate career in 2006 coming from a strong background in Management and Customer Service.  Having worked in the Medical Industry for over 15 years, she gained a vast knowledge of Credentialing and Billing where she worked for an ER Physicians Group.   With a strong focus on Customer Service she was able to implement Policies and Procedures which proved to be very lucrative to the company?s growth.

She has a passion for her business and believes that real estate is much more than simply buying or selling a home.  To her, a key element of real estate is developing relationships and building trust.  Whether it?s with her clients or her business partners, she knows how to listen and address the needs of others.  She prides herself by providing Top Notch Service with unparalleled results.   She has great negotiating skills and her primary focus is customer satisfaction.   She is very active in her community and is involved with various organizations promoting home ownership.  Deborah is dedicated to servicing her clients with honesty, integrity and professionalism.

در اوقات فراغت ، او از دوچرخه سواری در خلیج Back که در آن زندگی می کند و همچنین در امتداد پیاده روی در شبه جزیره بالبوآ لذت می برد.

او از ساحل نیوپورت و همه چیزهایی که ارائه می دهد لذت می برد! او به رستوران های مختلف مراجعه می کند و با 2 نوجوان خود مشغول کار است!

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