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دینا آویلا
دینا آویلا

دینا آویلا

Senior Associate ? CA DRE: 01912063

Deana is a 7th Generation Californian, born and raised in Southern Orange County and a graduate of UCLA. Deana is the fourth generation owner of her family?s insurance business that was established in 1941. Deana has always had a great passion for real estate and has a deep understanding of her clients? needs and provides professionalism, knowledge and personal experience. Aside from her professional and educational accomplishments, Deana proudly held the title of Miss California USA and accomplished her longtime dream of competing at the nationally televised Miss USA Pageant. Deana currently resides in beautiful Laguna Niguel with her husband, Duane, and two daughters, Eva-Marie and Ella.

دینا یکی از اعضای NCL (National Charity League) ، DAR (دختران انقلاب آمریکا) است و از حمایت از خیریه های محلی در سراسر جامعه خود مانند بنیاد کیمبرلی مور ، برنامه Adopt-A-Letter ، CASA و JDRF لذت می برد. .

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