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آندره تورنتون
آندره تورنتون

آندره تورنتون

Associate ? CA DRE: 02008147

آندره تورنتون که در کالیفرنیا متولد و بزرگ شده است ، از فعالیت در فضای باز لذت می برد ، اوقات خود را با خانواده اش می گذراند و با کلیسای خود فعالیت می کند.

Her twelve plus years of experience has led her to a successful career in residential real estate sales throughout Sothern California, where she finds the greatest personal satisfaction in helping families find the homes of their dreams. Customer service built on a foundation of drive, experience, and education ? is the cornerstone of her success. Focusing on the customer’s needs, backed by the ability to deliver, is her service guarantee.

Andrea specializes in assisting buyers and sellers navigate the difficult and highly competitive real estate market. She prides herself on providing clients with the personal attention and level of service essential to make one of the most important decisions people make in their lives: purchasing or selling a home. Andréa is a compassionate and professional Realtor. She listens to client needs, provides sound advice, looks out for best interests, and aggressively negotiates with her client?s needs and best interests in mind.

خواه به دنبال خرید یا فروش باشید ، با دقت و مهارت بی عیب و نقص به همه عناصر فرآیند رسیدگی می شود.

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ارتفاعات کامئو

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