Exploring the Belcourt Community

Priding itself in offering a distinct “sense of place,” the Belcourt community offers a walkable and bikeable living environment where residents can easily walk to work, school or area retail establishments. Characterized by its arts and culture elements that bring additional interest and activity to the community, Belcourt offers innovation and diversity in its home offerings.

Belcourt Amenities

Residents of Belcourt enjoy access to a number of community amenities. Among these are community areas and public spaces such as parkways, lanes and plazas where all are welcome. With its cul-de-sac streets, the Belcourt community offers both gated and ungated neighborhoods designed to address the needs and preferences of homeowners of various backgrounds and compositions. The community also features a community retail element where residents can gather, interact, shop or dine without having to travel far.

Belcourt Schools

While it should be noted that school districts can be changed at any time, the schools that are currently serving the Belcourt community are Christa McAuliffe Elementary School, Early Warren Junior High School and Stockdale High School. First opened in 1991, Stockdale High School serves over 2,000 students and has a reputation for serving the needs of all of its students. The school offers more than 60 sections of GATE, Honors and Advanced Placement classes as well as courses to assist students with getting started on multiple career pathways. Among these are courses in Agricultural Science and Technology, Computer and Commercial Graphics, Applied Engineering and Design, Accounting and Finance, Computer Science and Information Systems, Virtual Business Enterprise, Medicine and Construction Technology.

Exploring Bakersfield

The county seat of Kern County and situated near the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley and the Central Valley region, Bakersfield covers approximately 142 square miles. With a population of approximately 365,000, it is the ninth-most populous city in California and the 52nd most populous city in the country. A hug for both agriculture and oil production, Kern County is the most productive producer of oil in the country and the fourth most productive producer of agriculture. With the southern tip of the Sierra Nevada being situated just to the east, the city limits of Bakersfield extend to the Sequoia National Forest. The Tehachapi Mountains lie to the south while the Temblor Range is located to the west.

With its desert climate, Bakersfield has long, hot, dry summers and brief winters that are cool and moist, but not wet. Meanwhile, autumn is mild and long-lasting while spring is generally warm, giving the region a climate that is well-suited to growing a variety of crops. The city also enjoys more clear days than the majority of the country, with an average of 191 days per year.

WoodBridge Pacific Group Communities

The Belcourt community is one of several designed by Woodbridge Pacific Group. Woodbridge Pacific Group is dedicated to selecting premium neighborhood locations and bringing together talented architects, craftsmen and designers to bring new communities to life. Led by company partners Todd Cunningham and Carl Neuss, the Woodbridge Pacific Group team boasts more than two decades of building success along with a history of integrity, dedication to customer service and expertise.

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