Viel Spaß beim Einkaufen und mehr im Newport Center

Located on a high bluff overlooking Newport Harbor in Newport Beach, Newport Center is a business, shopping and entertainment district referred that is home to Fashion Island. Created as the unofficial ?downtown? of Irvine Ranch, Newport Center was designed as part of a joint venture between William Pereira and Welton Becket.

Die Geschichte des Newport Center

Der Ort, an dem sich das Newport Center befindet, wurde 1953 für den National Scout Jamboree der Boy Scouts of America genutzt. Das National Scout Jamboree von 1953 war das erste Jamboree seiner Art, das westlich des Mississippi abgehalten wurde. Es beherbergte 50.000 Pfadfinder aus allen 50 Staaten und aus 16 anderen Ländern. Die Seite war auch eine der ersten, die für Disneyland in Betracht gezogen wurde.

While not much is known about the early history of the site, a considerable amount of petrified wood was found at the site during excavation for the first buildings. This indicates a small forest once existed in the area. These first buildings went up in 1967, with most of the center?s buildings being constructed in the 1970s. While the overall design of the center placed an emphasis on International Style architecture, the futurist Pacific Mutual Building was added in 1972. This went on to become one of Newport Beach?s most well-known architectural landmarks.

Erkundung des Newport Centers

Das Newport Center befindet sich in einem großen Stadtblock zwischen den Straßen Jamboree, MacArthur und San Joaquin Hills sowie dem Pacific Coast Highway. Eine kreisförmige Straße namens Newport Center Drive befindet sich in der Mitte des Blocks, während Hochhäuser den äußeren Rand der Straße umgeben. Entlang dieser Straße befinden sich mehrere Unternehmen, darunter:

? Acacia Research Corporation
? Blackwood
? Irvine Company
? Janus Capital Group
? Pacific Life
? Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth

Newport Center Drive can be accessed by five outside roads, each of which is named after an island within the Channel Islands of California. These roads split the center into ?superblocks? that are built and leased as separate properties. Meanwhile, Fashion Island is located in the center of the circle. Owned by The Irvine Company, Fashion Island is an open-air lifestyle center that opened in 1967. At the time it was open, the center featured Buffman?s, The Broadway, J.W. Robinson?s and J.C. Penney, the buildings for which were designed by William Pereira and Welton Becket. The Spanish architectural theme has gone on to define the property.

Seit der Eröffnung von Fashion Island wurde Bullocks Wilshire in I.Magnin umbenannt und Neiman Marcus hinzugefügt. JC Penney zog ebenfalls aus, wonach das Gebäude rekonstruiert und als Atrium Court wiedereröffnet wurde. Das Gebäude enthielt zahlreiche kleinere Geschäfte sowie einen Food Court auf der unteren Ebene.

In addition to being home to numerous stores, a large Christmas tree can also be found at Fashion Island every year. Located in the large courtyard outside of the Bloomingdale?s building, the tree is lit about a week before Christmas, an occasion that is preceded by extravagant holiday performances. Trees are taken from a private timber area near Mount Shasta and shipped to Fashion Island in several pieces. They are then reassembled using steel rods and a large crane.

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