Stephanie Croft
Stephanie Croft

Stephanie Croft

CA DRE #: 02066241

People who know Steph ( Stephanie if you’re being formal) know that she always has the right tool to create magic for her clients; skills she has picked up through an adventurous life. Being a first generation American provides a unique perspective into the world allowing Steph to understand the nuances of other cultures and backgrounds of her clients no matter where they hail from. Her Italian and Argentinean family prioritized teaching Steph their history and languages. Today that means she speaks Spanish fluently; providing a seamless experience in both languages for clients. Soon Italian will be on that list. For now, though she’s practicing.

Some people are reserved, and stoic. Not Stephanie. Her vibrant and emotive personality lights up the room, and makes any interaction with her memorable as well as professional. Real Estate is at its core, a deeply personal business; which is why cultivating relationships is integral to advocating for her clients. While Steph advocates strongly for her retail clients, she also knows the world of investment properties. Along with her husband Eric, Steph owns a modest number of rental properties where she focuses on providing safe and affordable housing for some of society’s most vulnerable. Steph engages with like minded investors all over Southern California and believes in serving the communities in which she works.

These experiences culminate in Steph drawing on all the right instruments at all the right times to to orchestrate a symphony of success for her clients.

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